Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Product Review

My car is not so new any more. Two kids (one of whom was a puker as an infant) and have a way of wiping out that new car smell. I was thrilled to have a chance to try out the Febreze To Go Fabric Refresher(after out trip to Utah the car was getting downright funky). It comes in a cute 2.8 travel size.

I have used Febreze in the past. I accidentally bought something off of eBay that was from the home of a smoker. I needed to get the stink out of the item and fast. It worked great but the scent of the bottle that I had grabbed was overwhelming. We still had to air out the room after spraying it on. The To Go formula claimed to only leave behind a "light, freshing scent". Upon using it in the car I still found the scent to be overwhelming especially in such a small space. The scent lingered for days.

Once the scent dissipated (after a few days) the car funk was gone. I would use this again but sparingly, the scent is just a wee bit too strong to endure frequently but I do love the funk free car. I am going to be keeping this handy in my car. Here is a link to a way to get a $2 off coupon.

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Zephra said...

After using the stuff when I was pregnant and getting very sick from it, I just can't use it anymore.