Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Who is the queen of poop (revised)

We had a couple of late entries and they were just too funny to pass up. I am going to start voting over again to include these stories.

The first story is by Vicky. She tells an amusing story of her husband changing her first son's diaper while they were still in the hospital. Guinevere tells us of the peril of leaving your child diaper less. I learned that lesson well. Finally we have Summer who writes about an unfortunate combination of a power outage and a massive diaper leakage. Next up is Damselfly with a tale of horror (her mother's). What happens when you have a husband with a weak stomach? Jessica knows.

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chelle said...

hehe fun contest!
Good luck to all the contestants!

Amber said...

No wait. I should be a contestant with my kids' DAILY explosions out of their diapers!!!

you da mom! said...

oh god, it's too early in the morning to even read those! maybe in a few hours i'll be able to stomach it and vote!