Monday, May 21, 2007

Ten things that make life grand for me

I was tagged to do this meme by Laura. These are not going to be the obvious things like my husband and kids, but little things that I think make life a little nicer.

  1. Homemade apple crisp with ice cream on top. That was the dessert Evan requested for Family Home Evening dessert. It was very yummy!
  2. A very gripping series of books that I am reading. I have to finish all three books in less than two weeks (our library has newer books on a time limit, so more people can read them and of course the last book in the series is the two weeker so I have to read all three in that time limit) which is a very fun challenge for me.
  3. The nice weather that has been happening these last few days. It has been warm but not oppressively so.
  4. Evan finally starting to express himself more and more. He took so long to start the whole talking thing that I was starting to get worried. It is nice to see him catching up with his peers.
  5. My sisters coming for a visit this weekend. They enjoy spoiling the boys and it is fun to have visitors to change the routine.
  6. My kids sleeping in until a luxurious (I am being sarcastic here) 7:30. It beats them waking up at 6am by a long shot though.
  7. Bedding fresh from the dryer.
  8. Nap time.
  9. A day in which I do not have to change a poopy diaper. This is a vary rare occurrence but very welcome.
  10. The Fridays my husband is able to come home early from work. It is nice to be able to get a bit of a head start on the weekend.


Laura said...

these are great. i especially enjoy #1...a favorite dessert of mine too. thanks for playing along.

Steph said...

Sleeping until 7:30 and a day without having to change a poopy diaper are definitely things that make life grand! :) Fun list!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Could you post that recipe?? Sounds delish!

oshee said...

Ooo..I love fresh sheets from the dryer too!

chelle said...

Oooo # 7 & 8 ... heaven!

Gina said...

Mmmm yum, apple crisp!

Nanette said...

4. Yay! Nick is starting to catch up a bit too! :D

Jenni said...

Sleeping until 7:30 a.m. is definitely a luxury!

I found your blog through another Heart Mom blog. Stop by and visit ours! I'd love to add you to my Heart Kids blogroll!

Tracy said...

I lov apple crisp as well :) ... and with ice cream? Mmmmm.

I would love to sleep in until 7:30 ... my oldest rises around 6:15. but is old enough to entertain himself until the rest of us get up ... Dominic is usually awake around 6:30 :0( (yawn).