Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Evan the artist

One of the really fun things about this age is seeing old things become new again, like crayons and coloring books. When Evan was first introduced to the whole concept of coloring he would take a few swipes with his crayons and then be done with his masterpiece. In the last few months he has really started to get into coloring and will badger me almost every day to do some sort of coloring. Today Evan got to explore the fun of sidewalk chalk. Harry is forever banned from it since he ate several large bites out of it (yuck!).

Trees are fair game to color on

So are irrigation hoses

This was done very sneakily while mommy was briefly inside to change Harry's diaper

Mommy's foot is fun to color on

Evan also did actually color a little bit on the sidewalk

Coloring is fun!


Gina said...

Mr. P likes sidewalk chalk, but he gets more than his fill of art projects at school. If I try to do any at home, he loses interest pretty quickly.

you da mom! said...

i love the last one with the chalk all over his shirt! oh yeah, and i tagged you!

Steph said...

My girls both love sidewalk chalk, and they often look similar to Evan in the last shot after using it! They also love sidewalk paint, however, each time I let them use it, I swear that I will never take it back out again!

MamaLee said...

What sweet pictures. My kids love to color. In fact, I sometimes sit with them and color, too!

Zephra said...

Ya know, Zain used to eat chalk and rocks all the time. I even remember a dead snake at one point. To me, it is all fiber.

Amber said...

At lesat he's outside! The Hurricane colored all over our kitchen floor yesterday.

And those are cute pics. Admittedly when I initially glimpsed at the first one, I thought he was drawing on a butt. :-)