Tuesday, May 15, 2007


See if you can guess the meanings of these Evanisims.

Evan goes apple juice to go to bed for his nap.

He likes it when mommy pickles his feet.

An optapas is an animal and so is a llula.

He likes to baccume the ketchin.

One of his favorite trains is named Beebis.

He likes to wear mammals outside.

You will get the grand prize if you can guess what this picture is of. I was there when he drew it in nursery and I can assure you that he had a clear plan in mind as to what he was drawing. The entire time he was telling me what parts were what.


Kristi said...

I do believe I got them all. I'm fluent in jibber-jabber.

mcewen said...

I'm thinking, I'm thinking.....I'm usually good at this......sorry battery flat.Thinking of you and yours.

Darren said...

I stumped by the picture. Is it you with him? I can kind of see two people there.

misunderstood mother said...

i can guess that he likes you to tickle his feet. He likes to vacuum the kitchen. optapas is an octupus- the others??????