Tuesday, May 15, 2007


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Evan goes upstairs to go to bed for his nap. Why he says apple juice instead of upstairs I have no idea.

He likes it when mommy tickles his feet. He will actually ask me to tickle him, it is too funny.

An octopus is an animal and so is a llama.

He likes to vacuum the kitchen. This one was an easy one I threw in.

One of his favorite trains is named Mavis.

He likes to wear sandals outside.

Another cute Evanisim that did not make it to the list is the name of his physical therapist. He calls her Yaya.

The picture is of a bunny. I am sure that you could have figured it out eventually. Click on the photo to see my notes on which parts are where.


Anne/kq said...

I teach Preschool Art, and I love to see that transitional phase between scribbles and representational drawing. That's actually a very good transitional picture, and good for you for labeling it and saving that oh-so-brief stage! Soon he'll be doing true representational art, imagine that! It seems to me, from looking at his picture, that he puts a lot of feeling into his picture and really observes the world around him. This might be a good age for you to take him outside, lay on the ground, and watch ants, birds, and other bugs and animals working and moving around, and talk about what you see, then go inside (or stay outside) and give him some drawing materials, and see what he does with them.

Tracy said...

Of course it's a bunny! What else could it be, right ;)?

I had tears of laughter as I read your answers to the previous post. I love toddler/preschooler talk. It's so funny, especially since they are truly trying and think they're saying it all correct :)!

When my oldest, Riley, was about 2 1/2 he hurt his fingers on something & then told me to "piss my gimmers, mommy". I had to bite my lip and just "kiss his fingers". :0)

PJ said...

Such fun Evanisims! That is such a good thing to journal, you both will enjoy it in years to come. I also love my children's art, it's one of a kind.

Thank you for the Good Mail...Girl!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Tee hee hee! So funny!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I knew it was a bunny all along, really, I did.

How cute. My mom saved one of my "Picasso"s that she had labeled. It was a bunch of huge brush strokes with macaroni glued all over it. When she asked me about it I explained that if you connected everything it would make a dog bone. Save this one for Evan.