Thursday, February 22, 2007

Things not to do to your son

I am sorry to say that my promised pictures of chainsaw sculptures of Bigfoot did not happen. Torrential rain made the prospect of getting out of the car unappealing so we just drove straight through. We should have done all this on the way up since it was a super beautiful day. Oh well, we will be back up there before long so I will make sure that some day before we leave this state the pictures will be taken.

Instead of the other pictures I will show you what can happen when a mom that knows how to fix hair and all that other girl stuff has all boys.

The first picture is of Evan when he was one. He had much longer hair than Harry since he kept it through out all his infancy. Harry had a bald period so all I could manage were some small pigtails. They were quite cute though.

"Mommy, you had better not be putting this picture up on your blog!"

"Oh dear, oh dear. How will I even be able to live this down?"

"Well I do look awfully cute even with the pigtails. Man my thumb is awfully tasty!"

Harry did take an interest in the small baby dolls that my mother-in-law had at her house for the grandkids to play with. My husband is a bit iffy about his boys playing with dolls but I think I will add them to our prodigious toy collection. I think boys need to be exposed to more toys than just things with wheels especially since Harry is showing an interest in something different.


Anne/kq said...

Those are great pictures. I'm sure their fiancées will be seeing them when they grow up, right? *grins evilly*

I'm with you on the dolls. All children should play with dolls; it teaches them valuable lessons and also gives them an outlet, someone to abuse when they're frustrated with their sibs. ;)

Also, your husband needs to watch William's Doll from "Free to Be You and Me." :p

Zephra said...

Yep! You did it. Messed em up for life with those pictures. LOL. Zain loved anything girly when he was little but he is turning out alright. He does have way more girl friends that boys but he is happy that way. He is such a playa.

Overwhelmed! said...

Aw, these pictures are cute. I have a boy too. When we cute off his beautiful ringlet curls at the age of one, I cried. My husband thought he looked like a girl and insisted he get a haircut. I would've loved to let his hair grow even longer.

I warned Oronzo, when we adopt a little girl, she's having hair down to her waist! :)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving an encouraging comment on my last post.

Where are you contemplating moving to?

Damselfly said...

Ah, well. All in good fun. I did this to my kid brother lotsa times! ;)

Kristi said...

Now that's just mean. Mean mean mean. And hilarious.