Thursday, February 15, 2007


I wish I knew what was wrong with me. My motivation has up and left me. I have no desire to do anything and just want to hide in my bed all day. Harry has been waking early and not napping, I think he is either teething yet again or getting sick. I am dealing with all the fun hormonal stuff that comes from being a woman. It seems like Evan is going out of his way to do things that he knows he is not supposed to be doing (Like getting out of bed during nap time. I found him sleeping on the floor yesterday). Every thing seems wrong and annoying. I think I need a vacation.

We did our taxes last weekend and I am thinking that we should dump the kids off at grandmas and go out and have a real vacation. We could go somewhere exciting and not have to worry about if the kids were having fun or not. I wish we had the money to go to Europe but I think that would be out of our reach even without the kiddos. There is still a lot to see in the US though. Sigh.

This is what I found Harry doing while I was busy trying to get Evan dressed.


Christina said...

*hugs* I'm right there with you. I'm totally unmotivated to get anything done, and Cordy is really getting on my last nerve with her new grumpy, whiny personality change. Hiding in bed all day sounds wonderful.

Here's hoping it's just the winter blahs for us, and soon things will start looking up again.

Tracy said...

Take heart in knowing we all have days like that :(! You still are an awesome mom, though! Sounds like you do need some time off. A nice get-away with your hubby sounds wonderful :)! You should look more into that.

sainted mother said...

that Harry-Wally is getting to be quite a little stinker! By the way do you mean the MATERNAL GRANDMOTHER?

Awesome Mom said...

Which ever grandma can stand to have the kids is who I mean lol