Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A lovely evening

I had never been to an Eagle Scout court of honor before so it was a very interesting and novel experience for me. It was neat hearing about my brother-in-law from the leaders that had helped him on the path to this very high honor. It is easy to see him as a rather trying teenager rather than the good man that he is becoming.

I was the photographer for the event which was a bit tricky at first with two kids that wanted to run around and my husband up on the stage with his family (At a court of honor all other Eagle Scouts are invited to sit up front). Luckily my mother-in-law had thought to ask one of her friends to help me. Evan who was the loudest and friendliest went with this kind woman to run the hallways of the church while I hitched a cranky and sick Harry around on my hip. My husband's grandmother helped me entertain him the few times I did sit down by letting him play with her keys.

I am excited that there is a chance that my boys will be able to follow in their father's footsteps and have the chance to earn the highest scouting award. I did not get much exposure to scouting since I came from a family of all girls but it is a very worthy program. It will also be neat that my husband will have the chance to be involved in something like that with his sons.


chelle said...

Wow! How wonderful that you BIL was honoured! Too cool to be able to pass it on to the boys too!

CHEL said...

Yep.. that is cool! And the court-of=honor is cool too! My DH always thinks he's cool when he gets to sit up in the "Eagle's Nest." It is a high honor and one should be proud to obtain it.

Gina said...

Eagle Scout is very big thing! Glad you all had such a nice evening!