Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cut the cable

My husband and I decided that we were sick of cable television. We only have a few shows that we watch regularly and the only one that I really must watch every week (Lost) is available online. So, we decided to sign up for Netflix and get all the movies and old TV shows we could ever want and ditch the cable. The cost is comparable to our cable bill, so we will not really save much money but we will get out of having to watch a ton of commercials.

We set it up so that my husband gets one disk at a time, the kids get one disk (Evan has to have his Thomas fix and I am getting tired of the same four dvds that we actually own) and I get one all to myself.

What I need from you dear readers is suggestions for things to watch. I am hopelessly behind on movies, like seriously behind. So if there are any movie recommendations you have for me hit me with them. I am trying to stay away from R movies, but if it is a really good one with out a lot of gratuitous extra marital (or premarital as the case may be) nookie in it I will consider it.


happy mommy said...

Here's some old (ish) favorites of mine:

Late For Dinner
October Sky
Mr. Mom
Other Side of the Mountain
Ever After
Money Pit

Have fun exploring the movies!

CHEL said...

I'm a comedy/romance type girl. So none of my favorites are rated R.

Wedding Singer
Happy Gilmore
Big Daddy

chelle said...

Good for you to give up cable! I wish we could but darn those Wonder Pets keep us tuned in!

Damselfly said...

Hey, we've never had cable as long as we've been married and have survived! ;) I think Netflix or the Blockbuster-by-mail sounds great and keep meaning to sign up....

The last good movie I watched at home was The Illusionist. There is a little nookie in it, but it's a short scene you can forward through, and it's not graphic anyway.

Erin said...

You should add me as a friend to your account, then you can see what Ive recently rented and how I liked it etc. to do this you just send me an email through them and then I add you as a friend.

you da mom! said...

half nelson - pretty darn R
tao of steve - light R and one of my faves
unfaithful - sex, sex, sex

Jaelithe said...

I am just as movie-impaired as you are, unfortunately. I think I have seen three movies in a movie theatre since my son was born.

I often think I should cut the cable . . . let me know how it goes!

(Oh, and happy belated birthday to the big boy!)

Awesome Mom said...

Actually you are early since his birthday is this Saturday.

DoubleTroublePodcast said...

Amelie (French w/ English subtitles - SO worth it!!!)
Shakespeare in Love
While you were Sleeping
Strictly Ballroom
Sliding Doors
A Walk to Remember
Please, don't eat the Daisies! (an oldie but goodie!)

We've been considering ditching our satelite for the same reasons - just doesn't seem worth the cost, does it?

Have fun!! :)

karen said...

Hey there! I'm the Pediascribe.com person (I don't think my name will link, so I wanted to give you a shout out!)

Anyway, I'm also a comedy or comedy-romance person....some of my favorites are:
My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding
Something about Mary
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
You've Got Mail
Sleepless in Seattle
Mr. Mom
Meet the Parents
My all time favorite movie is The Shawshank Redemption.
We've also enjoyed watching TV shows on DVD (skip the commercials)
We like:
Grey's Anatomy
24 (the first couple of seasons, but then it got so intense!)
The Office (incredibly funny in a politically incorrect kinda way)

If you're getting Netflix, do in and rate whatever movies you HAVE seen. I think there is even a link to "rate movies." Then a ton of movies come up and you rate them 1-5 stars. After that, Netflix will start recommending things based on movies you already like. It's fairly accurate. :)
Hope this helps!

Gina said...

We have never had cable/satellite because it is just too expensive. And for the most part, we do just fine!

Zephra said...

Wish I could help you but I hate movies...except for Harry Potter.

Anne/kq said...

Movies, I can't help with much, although if you really want my list I can make one for you. I'm happy to tell you all the great tv shows we've recently Netflixed, though.

If you join Netflix, you can sign up to get friends' reviews and such, too. Our affiliated e-mail is hamiltonjeffd AT yahoo DOT com. :) If you were interested. :)