Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here are some things I wish my husband would say to me.


Kristi said...

I wouldn't mind:

No really, Kristi. You don't suck. You're really good at crafts.

Vicky said...

"Why yes, I do LOVE this sweater you poured your heart and soul into making for me. I think the way the sleeves keep my hands warm is really clever. And my knees have never been so cozy."

(First and last sweater knitted for hub during a long distance part of our relationship. He must have shrunk in his absence..... The comment I actually got was something more along the lines of "BWAHHH HAAAAA HAAAA HAAAA Snerk."

Awesome Mom, your scarf arrived yesterday! Thank you so much! Go and have a look at my blog to see it in its new home!