Friday, February 23, 2007

I heart Battlestar Gallactica

I am a huge science fiction nut so when a new science fiction themed show comes out I am eager to at the very least watch the pilot to see if it is any good. Often there is a lot of junk out there that bears the trappings of a science fiction show but now and then you find a true gem of a show. Battlestar Gallactica is such a show.

I love that this is a well written show. Often times the dialog in science fiction shows is just plain stupid (think Star Wars) or the show ends up being about special effects. BSG has a great blend of eye popping action scenes and intelligent dialog. The themes of the show explore timeless human themes. The question of whether humanity even deserves to continue it's flawed existence is frequently brought up. The main characters are flawed but they do not become stereotyped one themed beings, they are complex people with complex motives. Just when once character seems so hopelessly flawed a moment of greatness pops out showing that even the bad guys are not single minded.

Since we do not get the Scifi channel I have to acquire episodes by alternative means. I do surveys for a few different marketing companies and now and then I will get $10 gift certificates which I have saved up and purchased all the released DVD sets. The company that makes the show was quite tricky with the second season and released it in two parts so you had to pay twice as much to get an entire season (boo!). After recently discovering the wonders of iTunes I was finally able to get current episodes by using some left over Christmas money to purchase a season pass to download episodes as they become available. It stinks a bit watching them on the computer but the show is so gripping that I forget where I am and get sucked into the plot.

I am counting down the days until the next episode.


Anne/kq said...

I have never got into Battlestar Galactica, probably because I haven't been there from the beginning. (HUGE Stargate fan, though.) I suppose I ought to Netflix it, everyone keeps saying how great it is. But I am finishing Dark Angel (campy and silly but fun) first, and then Strong Medicine Season 1 (I've seen episodes here and there late at night on Lifetime and would like to watch a season in order.) I just finished The X-Files all the way through (worst. series finale. ever.) And I think there might be another tv series on the list after Strong Medicine. But maybe I will check it out...

Zephra said...

Never got into BSG but was a HUGE X-files fan.