Friday, June 01, 2007

My little boy is not so little

I think that one of the best things about being a parent is the chance to watch a small human being change from a sluggish floppy infant into an actual person. Lately Evan has really been surprising me (like he usually does).

He can recognize his name when he sees it written. I know that right now he is just recognizing the pattern the letters make and it not truly reading yet, but it is a start. He can also recognize the number five and gets excited when he sees it on the digital clock in the living room. Why only the number five? Who knows? It has spurred me on to work a bit harder with number and letter recognition. It is also making me think that if I did take the plunge and home school it would not be quite as hard as I had feared. It also relieves my mind that his long term low oxygen saturation levels that he endured until six months ago did not have a horribly bad impact on his brain development.

We recently bought a toy at a yard sale. It has two rows of cages with keys that match the color of the cage door. I locked some of his beloved trains in it to help keep him interested in learning how to unlock the cages. He managed to become a cage unlocking pro in about two weeks. I was also using the cages as a way to keep track of the trains, so when I locked Thomas up last night hoping to keep him put away I was amazed when Evan just sat down, matched the key color to the door Thomas was locked behind and freed Thomas from his jail in five seconds flat.

Evan has also made another leap in his drawing ability. He can draw wheels now. The circles are not perfect but they are there and very intentional. Before I know it he is going to be painting full pictures that are museum quality and selling them for millions of dollars.

What things have your kids been doing lately that has surprised you?


Damselfly said...

Wow, he recognizes his name! That's great. And he's good at picking locks. That could really come in handy some day. ;0 Sounds like once again you have proved you are an awesome mom.

I am surprised that my baby wants to stand but then cries because he doesn't know how to sit down again!

Kelly said...

We have that "cage" toy too! My kids think it's great. Michaela just likes to wander around with the keys :)

Michaela hasn't surprised me lately, but Asher has been talking SO MUCH recently, that it surprises me when he comes out with a big word or two. It's neat to see. And Chris really thinks that Gabe said Mama the other 5 months too young to say that? I can't remember!

chelle said...

Wow! Go Evan!

Becca is talking up a storm, surprising us with statements and stories of her own imagination.

Ethan surprised me today with tons of huge smiles (while the camera was out of reach!)

Gina said...

Good for Evan, he's doing so well!

Mr. P has been saying these huge, complicated multi-syllable words (in context I might add) and it just sounds so funny to hear them coming out of his mouth with his squeaky little voice.

Nanette said...

That toy sounds like the Parents Little Vet Kit!

My little guy is big into playing jokes these days--which is very exciting, because sometimes I wondered if he would ever be able to do that sort of thing. We sing hush little baby and he used to fill in all of the last words; ie (hush little baby don't say a) WORD--now he says glass for all of them and roars with laughter when I correct him.

Nanette said...

Sorry, my fingers are faster than my brain sometimes--Way to go Evan!!!!!!

the night owl said...

Evan sounds like a wonderful little man....Kids always amaze me..My 4 year old granddaughter can recite a book , like she is really reading it.Kids are so smart now days....

Vicky said...

It's so exciting to see your kids grow up, isn't it? On the one hand, it is so hard to see them leave their baby days behind them, and also sometimes to see sophisticated naughtiness or meanness which an innocent baby would not be capable of... But on the other hand with every day that passes you can have more interesting conversations and games with them, and rather than you lead and they follow, you can begin to follow their interests and curiosity.

You are on your way to having a big boy and a little boy, happy travelling!

CG said...

You are so right when you said one of the greatest things about being a parent is to watch them grow. Bubbie is only 10 months old so I can still vividly remember that little blob I brought home from the hospital. In 10 short months he has developed a very unique presonality (my husband say he is like me) and so reach so many awesome milestones.
I am glad to see even as a few years go by the amazement at their development remains. I am looking forward to watching him grow.

Overwhelmed! said...

Wait to go, Evan!!

My Snuggle Bug has started trying to write his name. He's not very good about it, but he's trying. :) He's also started calling me "little mommy". I'm not sure where he got that, but it makes me laugh!

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

Evan's growing up! YEAY...good for him. My son just started reading on his own the other grow up really fast, blink of an eye, eh?