Sunday, June 10, 2007

Guess what I am doing right now

I am hiding out from the kids... well actually one child specifically. His name is Harry and he is a huge momma's boy. They are outside playing with my husband while I am making pizza with home made crust. Right now the dough is resting from the exhaustion that occurred while I was kneading it.

I had thought that by now Harry would be more accepting of my husband than he is. When he was a baby he would not even eat for my husband. He would shriek and cry if my husband even looked at him. Harry will still cry if I make him take a diaper over to daddy so that daddy will change him. You would think it was the end of the world the way Harry cries.

My husband has to make dinner often. Harry will throw massive temper tantrums if he is the least bit tired at dinner time. It gets so you can't even hear yourself think. We changed our dinner time to 5:30 and that has helped a lot even though we hate having to eat so early.

The kicker is that he is great with daddy as long as he does not know there is an alternative. If he were to hear my voice or see me the waterworks would start. He would be most upset that I am not waiting on him hand and foot. Harry has even been know to try and shove Evan out of my lap. Crud, I hear them coming back in, I had better hide!


mcewen said...

I know that feeling all to well - they're trample over dad to get to me - the 'doer' of everything.

Ami said...

Hah. I remember that kind of thing like it was yesterday! Oh yeah, it was.

health watch center said...

Hello Awesome mom,

Your comment on parentingsolved blog me laugh...

Oh well every one might have had this experience...hope you are not going to get caught by Harry...

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Self Help Zone

Damselfly said...

Wow, homemade crust ... Mmm, that totally makes the pizza.

My kid is the same way. If he wakes up in the middle of the night, I am usually up for 45 minutes nursing him. But if my husband gets up, he's back to bed in 10 minutes!