Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Picture post

It was a frosty and very chilly morning yesterday.

Harry wearing the cashmere hat Auntie E knit for Evan last winter.

Hat hair is so much fun

This was supposed to be a picture of the boys sharing and taking turns. I wanted to have it just in case they never share anything again. Sadly, I did not grab the camera fast enough and the brief moment was gone. At least they are not screaming and crying in this picture.

Harry making mommy jealous with his bending and balancing skills. If I bent over like that I would have fallen on my face.


CHEL said...

Look at all those toys! We want to come play. Isn't a kids flexibility and bendabilty amazing! :-)

Awesome Mom said...

Uh yeah we do have a few toys lol In my defense we have bought a lot of them second hand so it is not like I am really spending a ton of money on them and I am recycling them.

Tracy said...

I was just gonna say the same thing ~ looks like a Toys R Us, lol! Love the pictures. Your boys are sooo adorable. I love that storage thing in the background with the blue tubs/trays to hold toys. I've always wanted something like that.

fancypantsnancy said...

Yes and all the toys you see doesn't include all the ones upstairs. Besides having a mom into yard sales those boys have indulgent grandparents and aunts. Their motto is "never enough toys!"

chelle said...

The pictures are adorable!!!

Jaelithe said...

Hmm my son's room looks like that, and I only have one kid ;)

Second-hand stores rock. As do grandmas.

Very cute pictures. My sister and I didn't learn to share until we were 18 and 16 years old. So I wish you much luck ;)

Awesome Mom said...

Actually mom we only have a few toys upstairs. Pretty much all of them are downstairs in the living room.

tracy we got that toy bin at Target on clearance. I had been wanting one forever too so I snapped it up. I like it better than the toy box I had been using because it made sure that all the toys got an equal chance to be played with. The ones at the bottom of the toy box never saw the light of day.

fancypantsnancy said...

Well if that is the case then I guess I will have to buy Evan MORE toys for his birthday!!!!!! P.S. Have you and E started sharing yet?

Vicky said...

I love the hairpin bend of Harry!

You don't have a ridiculous amount of toys I don't think... Especially as little kids have a great ability to spread them thinly all over a vast area, which only makes things look worse!

We are at a sort of crossroads with toys here, where all the little kid stuff is mostly gone or going, but it is being replaced by complicated teeny weeny Lego bits by the thousand, and a breeding hoarde of Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Sigh.... At least when they are actually tidied up they are a bit more compact. But I do miss the cuddly chubby cheeked days. Sigh.... I love to look at your pics to satisfy that.