Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Dentist

Yesterday we finally had the long awaited dental appointment that would get the ball rolling so that Evan could have his cavities taken care of. I was rather apprehensive especially after all the issues we had even getting the appointment. To top things off I was not even sure our dental insurance would even cover the visit. According to the website they have no providers in Big City which seemed really odd to me especially when they had a ton of providers in my small town area.

We got there and were checking in. Evan started whining which worried me even more but it turned out that Evan wanted out of the stroller to play with the mega lego blocks. We have them at home and they are quite popular with the boys. The student dentist we saw was nice and through. She had a bunch of pictures of different heart defects on a page and wanted me to pick out Evan's heart defect. I laughed and told her that Evan's heart was unique which is why I had put complex heart defect on the medical forms.

The exam went exactly the way I expected. Evan hated it when they were looking in his mouth but was otherwise quite well behaved. Having the cavities filled under general anesthesia was recommended due to his age. Proper diet and oral hygiene was stressed. They were eager to make sure that I scheduled an appointment with out dentist up here for Harry (which I had already discussed with the dentist). I could tell that they were used to seeing worse mouths with kids that had very poor oral hygiene.

After we bought some sandwiches and had a picnic in a local park. One of the advantages of this dental school is that it is right next door to the hospital that Evan goes to for all his heart stuff so we already were familiar with the area. It was quite tough to push the stroller filled with the kids up the steep hills. I guess I need to get in better shape. The day ended up being a long day but turned out much better than I had thought it would.


Gina said...

I'm glad he didn't freak out, that must have been a relief.

Tracy said...

Glad to hear Evan did ok at the dentist. It makes a better experience when kids don't completely freak out. Easier on them and Mommy!