Saturday, January 06, 2007


I love my husband, I really do but I am soo ready for him to go back to work already. I want to get my schedule back and stop all the lazing around. When my husband is home I am much more tempted to stay up too late since I know that he will get up with the kids. Now that Harry is on all solids I know that I will even get to sleep in some (Harry would not take a bottle from my husband unless he was starving to death so sleeping in was not an option for me). We also hardly go anywhere when my husband is at home. My morning excursions often revolve around walking with one of my mommy friends so a husband coming with makes for awkward conversation. I am looking forward to Monday.


Gina said...

Yup, I know how you feel. They just so get in the way of the routine, don't they?

chichimama said...

It is funny how sometimes we just wish fr them to go back to work! I find that having M at home creates double or triple the chaos, laundry, and dishes :-).

Knitting Maniac said...

I, too, have a hard time with my husband at home. It is like he throws a wrench into the workings of my life, and I have told him that.

He is at home ... he turns on Price Is Right at 11. I scream "DON'T TURN THAT CHANNEL! WONDER PETS ARE COMING ON!!!"

I am sure he thinks I am insane.

When does yours go back to work? This week? Good luck!

chelle said...

Oh I so kicked J to the curb! hehehe! I had to get back on schedule. I told him it would be one thing if we were away from home on a vacation, then it would be difficult to grow tired of the lack of routine due to the adventure!

Lisa M. said...

I stumbled here today, I am not sure from who's place I links.

What a great place to perchance upon.

Tracy said...

It's so nice to have husband/dads home ~ great to have the extra help, an adult to talk to, etc ... but then it's equally nice (or even more so) to send them off to work and settle into our comfortable routines. I agree 100%!