Sunday, January 28, 2007


Evan has a new obsession. I bought a pair of rain boots at the thrift store. They were a couple of sizes too big but I figured he could grow into them. He insisted on trying them on at home and insisted on clomping around them all afternoon. Upon waking up this morning the only thing he could think about was putting on those boots and doing more clomping. He is quite cute in them but I will have to get some thicker socks if he is going to be able to walk in them outside.

Harry's obsession is a figure that we got with a bunch of recently purchased mega blocks. The instant the block box is open he snatches this girl out and pops her right into his mouth like a lolly pop. If you try and take it from him because you are frightened he will trip and jam it down his throat he will shriek a horrible shriek that will turn your brain into mush.

Harry had his first bloody nose today during nursery. It sure was much nicer than Evan's gusher. Harry was sitting on a chair for singing time and suddenly decided to get off the chair. He fell flat on his face but the bleeding did not start until a bit later. Since I was not at home I could not try the tip my sister gave me but pinching the nose for a little bit stopped the bleeding quite quickly.


chichimama said...

A is equally obsessed with rain boots right now (today, snow boots because there is a dusting of snow).

And C was OBSESSED with the boy and girl Mega Blocks when he was about 1. We could spend hours digging through piles of toys looking for the boy or the girl. You brought back memories!

chelle said...

hehe too cute that they have their obsessions!
The pictures are great!

Vancouver mermaid/Montreal photographer said...

It's my first time on your blog. You have a fun one, I loved your little contest about the scarf. (I had no idea scarfs were so popular, hehe) I loved reading the posts, i will definitly be back again. In a non-Arnonld type of way :-)


Anne/kq said...

At least it's not pajamas... We went through a month and a half where all our toddler would wear was Superman t-shirts. Everyone thought she was a boy, but I was okay with that. Unfortunately, she now wants to stay in her footie jammies 24/7. I miss the Superman days.

Magpie said...

I have a picture somewhere of my kid sound asleep in her crib in yellow rain boots - same deal, would not take them off.