Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Breakfast part 2

Just a reminder that today is the last day to enter my contest. I will do the drawing tomorrow morning and announce the winner then.

Thanks you for all of your suggestions on breakfast for the kids. My hands are a bit tied with some traditional breakfast items. Evan is on a lowish sodium diet now that he has had his final corrective surgery. It is very important that he not retain water since it generally collects in the lungs and that is bad news for Evan. We have to keep an eye on his salt intake so a lot of the salty options like bacon or even eggs with salt are out.

I bought some English muffins at the grocery store yesterday. This morning I tried scrambled eggs with some cheese which was not very appreciated. Evan has gobbled up fried eggs before, but I guess the different form threw him a bit.

Someone asked what apple butter is. Apple butter is kind of like apple sauce only it is thicker and has been run through a blender so it is smooth. Sugar and spices are also added to it. I am using it instead of jams or jellies.

I am not sure why I was feeling so dissatisfied with the lack of breakfast options since I have little trouble feeding the kids chicken nuggets almost every day. Evan only occasionally gets a peanut butter sandwich to add variety to his lunches. Harry has turkey meatballs now and then.


Kristi said...

You're a good mom. My kids endure cereal day after day after day.

you da mom! said...

eeek! so far squid has no allergies or anything, and he is not a real fussy eater. but i understand what you're talking about because my stepson is super finicky. i'd like to be able to just make ONE dinner, but i end up making TWO, cuz he rarely wants to eat anything me and my husband do!

Awesome Mom said...

We very rarely make a special dinner. That is the one meal that we do not compromise on. If they do not like it then they go hungry (we do have a small bed time snack so they do not go to bed with empty tummies). Only when something we are going to eat is especially spicy or somehow really hard for them to eat do we make a special dinner.

Anne/kq said...

Honestly, I hate breakfast food, except the occasional omelette, bacon, sausage, and anything potato related (fried potatoes, hash browns, tater tots, or potato pancakes, even Bubble and Squeak comes to mind. Mmmmm.) Okay, and home-made scones. I tend to eat snacky little things instead; hummus and pita with some fresh fruit, things like that. I could care less if my toddler wants string cheese with applesauce and crackers for breakfast. Sometimes she has a frozen pot pie. She does seem to like cereal, but she likes it with milk on the side, to be drunk separately while she eats the cereal dry, thank you. So what? Whatever they eat, it's all good. If I make something for her, she pretty much eats it; since I'm not a breakfast eater I let her choose what she wants.

I'm with you on the "no special dinner"; even the 9 month old has started eating what we eat most nights, just ground up. (Last night she had about half of a bacon avocado burger, a whole pear, and about a cup and a quarter of cauliflower. :D )

chelle said...

Ooooo my. I am mean! I never ever make another meal, if our toddler does not eat what I make she has a hearty snack later!

Lunches and breakfast she is pretty routine though...I do not think it is an issue per say though as long as they are getting enough of the good stuff!

Gabriela said...

We eat cereal, frozen waffles, oatmeal, bagels with cream cheese. That's about it. I'll check back in to get more ideas.

The Laundress said...

Hiya Awesome,

When my kids were little, we used to joke that they would eat the newspaper if we put ketchup on it...

Any food served with ketchup was eaten. That wouldn't work for Evan though, since I think all ketchups are high sodium. Maybe you can come up with some other "universal foodstuff" that will appeal to your guy?

My boy is very fond of pancakes or waffles with apple sauce. My mom makes huge quantities of sauce for him (no sugar). He won't eat the commercial stuff, too sweet and he doesn't want cinnamon either.

Little kids have acute tastebuds!

We always have a default dinner offering. Right now, my daughter is on a cereal kick and my son is eating PB&J for breakfast and dinner. That is okay with me, because my husband makes a lot of rather exotic (not child-friendly) dinners.