Thursday, December 21, 2006

Pictures and the first word

My lovely sister has demanded new pictures of the kiddos. I am only caving in to her since it really has been awhile since I have posted new pictures.

Harry is finally getting the hang of the whole sippy cup concept. He is now down to one bottle before bed and that is mostly a comfort thing.

Harry's first encounter with oatmeal. It was quite a hit.

Bowls are really fun to play with.

Harry and Evan playing Christmas carols at the birthday party we went to this morning.

"Let's play Jingle Bells next!"

It is official Harry has said his first word and that word is "bubble". I am pretty strict when it comes to the official first word. I require an outsider to independently confirm what I already suspect. At Thanksgiving my Mother-in-law swore that she heard Harry saying "ball" but to my husband and I it sounded more like "ba" and was not in context. I have also been hearing "wow" but not always in context. This morning, at the party, my friend told me that she heard Harry (who was off in the kitchen pulling out all the Tupperware in my friend's cabinet) say bubble while he was holding the bottle of bubbles that had been handed out as a party favor. Bubbles are also a fixture at our house. I call them the toddler tamers since I can blow some and all the crying will magically stop. It makes sense that something that he enjoys so much is his first word.


chichimama said...

They are so cute! And bubble is a great first word!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Vicky said...

Cute!!! Cute, cute, cute, cutecutecutecuteheadexplodes!

Their profiles in that piano shot are absolutely identical. They both pull the same "concentrating" face!

Mel said...

The picture of the boys playing the piano is priceless.

BUBBLE is a very fun word. Way to go Harry!

chelle said...

How wonderful that he said his first word!!!

Those pictures are awesome!

Jenifer said...

so so cute! They are both little heart throbs!

Zephra said...

Cool. I would have loved to know what my first word was.

I tagged you.

misunderstood mother said...

your sister L's first word was bellybutton. It didnt sound like "bellybutton"the only recognizable sound was the B. However I knew what she meant since she pointed to her bellybutton when she said it!

Tracy said...

Cute photos! Horray for Harry and his first word!

you da mom! said...

squid still doesn't get the sippy cup, but it's cute to see him chomp on it. the self-feeding f-ing way. i don't have the energy for that, yet!

The Laundress said...

Awe, Awesome,

Especially the piano shots -- your guys are gorgeous.

Bubble is a lovely first word. It is just a great word, all around.

I am a sucky mom. I do not remember either of my kids first words... They were both "late" talkers, then once they started they just never stopped.


Nancy said...

Your boys are so adorable! Love the piano pictures. They look like they really know what they are doing! What a cute first word, too.