Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Home again, home again lickety split

After sleeping off his anesthesia Evan enjoyed a hearty breakfast of apple juice and jello. Then we moved on the the perennial favorite banana. Everything stayed down much to my delight. We then had all the doctors and nurses come in for visits after which we were on our way home. Whee!

We got home in time for lunch and nap time. Evan is pretty gorked out on his Tylenol with codeine so he slept really well. The meds even allowed the pacemaker rep to interrogate it without having to endure a screaming fit. The rep told me that he had been having a bad morning and was dreading having to deal with Evan's hysteria. He was very happy that Evan was being a mellow drugged out little guy.


chelle said...

Glad that everything went well and you are home!

fancypantsnancy said...

better living thru chemistry!

goofyj said...

So glad you are home and things went so well. Though I haven't been commenting, I have managed to keep up pretty well at least on reading. :) You've been in my prayers.