Friday, December 22, 2006

A busy rainy day

I had my final baking before Christmas push today. I chopped a huge bowl of apples so that I could make four pies and another batch of apple butter. I got a lot done because Harry decided to sleep most of the day. I think he could be going through a growth spurt.

We have been waiting for several weeks for approval for more physical therapy for Evan. The PT had faxed all the paperwork several time and heard nothing. Today she called the insurance company to see what was going on. Apparently the paperwork had been just sitting there ignored. *steams shoots out of my ears in frustration* I try not to complain too much about our insurance company since a lot is covered. The have been pretty good for the most about getting things approved on time and what not. It seems that they have really dropped the ball when it comes to physical therapy because we have had nothing but trouble and delays every time we need a new approval for more therapy.

I also found out that the other cardiologist is leaving the practice. He was a nice guy and I hate to see him go. I am sure the new doctor will be nice and all but she will not have been there since Evan was a baby. When he was first in the hospital both cardiologists took care of him equally. It was not until Evan was sent home that he was assigned to a cardiologist for follow up (she has a clinic in a near by city every month which is why we go to her). He has also done all of Evan's caths so we have had a continuing relationship with him.

Evan and I had a lot of fun walking in the rain to deliver a few of the pies. He loves to play in the puddles. One of the people in the complex put one of those giant inflatable snowmen out on the front lawn so we had to go see that too. It is kind of sad that Evan has yet to see a real snowman with real snow. Last time we were in Utah during the winter snow was very lacking.


misunerstood mother said...

we have about 8 inches of snow right now

chellie said...

I'm jealous with your talent of baking... especially with apples. A REAL homemade apple pie sounds really good about now!!

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Awesome Mom said...

Lol I am not sure it is much of a talent since the hard part is the crust and I just buy those premade. The rest is chopping and mixing in a few ingredients.

Mel said...

I know how frustrating the paperwork with insurance can be. I hope you get the apporval you need for more therapy.

Mmmmm... apple pie!

The Laundress said...

Hang in there, Lady.

Just went through all sorts of goofball "missing referral" hell today, for a few scans and a specialist visit. It is all corporate stuff, HMOs and hospital administration maximizing their profits, minimizing their expenses (while maximizing patient AND service-provider inconvenience and confusion). Grr, grr, grr.

Hey, but we had a sweet result!

Merry Christmas!
and heck, I am in a northern state that should have a foot of snow on the ground right now... but we had an inch of rain today too. Global warming? Weird world.

Gabriela said...

How nice to give apple pies! I wish I was your neighbor!

Sorry about losing a good doctor that knows your son so well.

Vicky said...

I have done NO cooking for Christmas yet at all... (Unless you count the cooking class that I did with my adult ladies classes as their Christmas party...Nothing for the family.) Tomorrow is Harry's Christmas piano party and we are supposed to take a dish along for the party after the recital bit. But Harry is throwing up this evening so I am not sure now if we will be going at all.

Gina said...

I can see how a doctor who has known Evan's history so intimately would feel more comfortable than someone just coming in.

Nancy said...

Too bad that your PC is leaving. We understand how important it is to have doctors who are familiar with your child's medical history. I hope the new one is compassionate and very experienced.

Jessica has only been to the mountains once and almost didn't make it down due to her heart/lung problems (she even had oxygen on the whole time). My husband went to the mountain and brought down a truck full of snow one year and we made a snowman and threw snowballs at each other. At least she can play in the snow that way! :)

mmmmmmmmm....... apple pies!

Damselfly said...

Wow, that's a lot of baking! You go! I hope Evan gets a nice new doctor. Merry Christmas!