Thursday, December 28, 2006

My new toy

My lovely wonderful parents bought me an iPod nano for Christmas. I have been having fun for the last few days digging up my music collection and putting them on my ultra tiny and super slim mp3 player. My music collection is not all that extensive but it seems a bit weird that I will be able to fit it all in the palm of my hand. My nano also has solitaire on it which is a strangely exciting thing. Evan had a doctor's appointment today and I was able to play a few games while he was playing in the waiting room. To him it did not look like I was doing anything all that interesting so he left me in peace which was quite nice.

What cool things did you get from Santa?

P.S. My sisters all chipped in and got me a medical book with pediatric diseases and treatments. I also have my own pediatric dosing handbook so I am now set to ditch all the doctors and treat my kids all on my own. Kidding!


Gina said...


I got many cool things, among them silicone baking stuff and a bunch of gift cards. Whoo hoo!

GoofyJ said...

That IS cool! I had a chuckle over the medical book, not in a bad way, just a funny, "I understand" chuckle. :)

My cool thing for Christmas was the A&E Pride and Prejudice from my hubby. That was unexpected and awesome, he also gave me my own toolset :) and a cookbook I've been wanting for ages. He did good. :)

Glad you had a fun Christmas. :)