Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A change of topic: Scalloped Potatoes

These potatoes are heavenly. They are a lot of work but it is so very worth it, especially when you want to wow people. For this recipe I like using Yukon Gold potatoes, they have a nice buttery taste to them that works perfectly with the recipe. I can also leave the skins on the potato and the texture of the dish is not tampered with.


maw said...

you should post a recipe for funeral potatoes too.

Gabriela said...

Those sound delicious!

GoofyJ said...

mmmmm I love scalloped potatoes! :-D I saw maw left a comment about funeral potatoes - I have to say that I made those yesterday, and I had run out of cornflakes and I had some extra subed ham that needed using - so I tossed the ham into the sauce that gets poured over the potatoes and then instead of cornflakes I used goldfish crackers - I tossed them in butter and parmesan cheese like you would the cornflakes - and it work so good! The kids loved it because of the goldfish and they add an extra fun cheesy flavor. :-D