Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A change of topic: Blue Ribbon Stuffed Mushrooms

These mushrooms make an amazing appetizer or finger food for a party. I made them for my knitting group's Christmas party and they flew off the plate. The few I had left over after the party were amazing as leftovers, so if you are making these I highly recommend hiding a few in your fridge for later. I added a bit of onion powder and also followed the recommendation of some of the reviewers to cut back a bit on the sausage.


Vicky said...

?? What mushrooms??! Quick, post the recipe or a photo or anything or I'll think they are very difficult to make INVISIBLE mushrooms!

chelle said...

mmm those sound so delicious!

Vicky said...

OK, there was a link lurking in there.... Dur.

They do sound nice but we can't buy sausage meat here, or white button mushrooms. I could substitute ground pork and shiitake mushrooms.... I might give that a go!