Monday, June 22, 2009

Kid Pictures and Knitting content

Smiling baby! He has been smiling for about a week or so but I could never get a picture in time before now.

A silly little boy that saw me taking pictures of the baby smiling and wanted me to take a picture of him sleeping. Yeah he is sleeping all right lol

Another silly little boy that saw me taking pictures of his "sleeping" older brother and wanted me to take a picture of him sleeping.

Two silly little boys in bed. We used to have the bunk beds bunked but unbunked them due to Harry's daredevil antics. He loved jumping on his high bed. He would also lean over to look out the window making me very worried that he would fall.

Mittens! This is my first pair of mittens. I started them awhile back and only now took pictures of them. I gave them to my mom since I owed her a pair of socks and knit one but forgot to take notes (since I was not using a pattern) and then forgot the tweaks I did, like how many stitches I cast on in the first place. So I bought her off with these so I don't have to try and go back and figure out what I did on the sock. Anyone know a one legged person with a size nine shoe that wants a hand knit sock?

A close up. They are a nice thick wool so they should be cozy in the winter.


Gina said...

He looks just like his brothers!

Heather said...

Good days, my friend!

Nice mittens too!

Anonymous said...

Three super, silly boys in the Summer! I love mittens. If we lived in a different climate I'd hint like crazy for you to knit me a pair.

Gabriela said...

Cute boys and cute mittens!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh dear, either surprising comments about one legged, size 9, people are hilarious or I'm very sleep deprived. =)

Good luck finding a recipient. Though, open it up to anyone who has a cast on one foot and you might get some takers, though you might want to wait for winter... =)

Hannah Bartholomew

chelle said...

awww love the pics of the boys!!!

Nice mittens!