Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Summer fun

Last Wednesday Evan and Daniel had check ups with the family practice doctor. Evan was thrilled to have a "poitment" to go to until, in the midst of it, he found out he would be getting leg pokes aka immunizations. He is doing well on the weight and growth charts and now has all the immunizations he needs for kindergarten.

Daniel shocked me by weighing in at 11 pounds 10 ounces. Harry kind of plateaued weight wise after birth and I was expecting that same pattern from Daniel. No wonder my back has been killing me lately. He is developing well and has already flipped over from tummy to back several times. It is funny when he does it because he starts crying and has such a shocked look on his face.

The weather has been rather mild (for Kansas) of late so we have been enjoying a lot of outdoor time.


GoofyJ said...

Yay for great check-ups! and cute photos too :-)

Nancy said...

Great pics, I miss them already!

Anonymous said...

We miss them, too. Your yard looks nice.

Fabiola said...

It is been a while since I last stopped by. Baby Daniel looks so cute.