Sunday, May 31, 2009

A "the baby won't go to sleep" post

I had about five hours of sleep last night and it is not looking good for tonight. I am not sure why Daniel is being such a stinker about staying asleep (this kid has some sort of radar that tells him when I am ready to lay down and sleep because that is when he gets grumbly and fussy. He sleeps great when I am not trying to sleep), but it sure is brutal having to take care of my every day normal stuff while fighting the desire to curl up on my bed and zonk out.

To amuse you while I try and get the baby sleeping deeply enough that he might consider staying asleep when I put him in his bed I will share some pictures of the boys. Friday was our ward camp out which was not much of a camp out for us since we did not actually camp out. It was close enough that we could go for the dinner and evening but not have to stay for the night. The pictures are all of Evan and Harry because Daniel was busy being held by various ward members that wanted a baby fix with out actually having to give birth.

The boys thought it was fun to eat dinner on the ground. They asked for the lasagna even though they both hate it and did not even eat a bite of it. They did gobble down the macaroni and cheese that i brought for the potluck.

Throwing rocks in the lake was a blast.

I love Harry's laugh, it is very infectious.

The highlight of the evening was the campfire. They were fascinated by the whole process.


Summer said...

Aww, what cuties! Looks like they're having a blast. :) I hear you on the sleep, Saff has started wanting to stay up crying and miserable just as I'm ready to go to bed.

Crunchyconmommy said...

Okay, now I'm regretting my fit of the lazies late Friday afternoon! I had done three exercise classes in the previous 24 hours (one was a training session since I'm going to start teaching yoga soon) and then we spent a couple of hours at Gage Park with some friends, so I was hot, sweaty and tired. I'm ashamed to say I bribed the children out of going to the campout by offering to go to the movies!! (The movie UP is lots of fun, by the way.) But the pictures looks so fun (and yes, Harry's laugh is awesome!).

Anyway, got your comment on my post, and would love to get together for a knitting playdate soon. The next couple of weeks are crazy because I'm going out of town a couple of times, but I'll be back by the week of the 15th!

Crunchyconmommy said...

Oh, by the way, my sincerest condolences about Daniel's sleep. Both of the little kids in our house have been sleeping fitfully lately, so that Sam gets done with a "wake up four times in an hour and a half" shenanigans, and then an hour later Grace creeps into our room trying to sleep in our bed. (I've put a sleeping bag at the foot of our bed and told her to have at it as long as she doesn't wake us up! I'm weak.) I've been joking that's like having a newborn again, but reading your post reminds me that it's NOT! Good luck and happy sleeping!

Heather said...

That laugh is just wonderful!

Hope Daniel starts to sleep better for you. None of my kids sleep that great, so I know your pain.

Anonymous said...

Great photos! Recognized Harry's monkey shirt. Harry's laugh is wonderful.
Don't think we'll be making our Ward Campout dinner. Mike and Isaac have to work, and both of your Grandmas aren't keen on sandy beaches or longish trips ( campout is going to be at Petrolia).
Really sorry about the lack of sleep.

chelle said...

Fun times!

Sorry about the lack of sleep! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

babies often get days and nights mixed up-grr...

Midlife Midwife said...

I LOVE the laugh. Just what I needed after a busy day. :-) I'll keep you in my prayers for a good nights sleep.