Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Overdue update

I have been rather wrapped up in baby stuff which is normal at this stage. Here is a bit of a run down on the stuff that has been going on:
  • Daniel decided that he would give nursing a shot, but only for one day. He latched on beautifully and nursed proving to me that he could do it. But in the middle of the night changed his mind and wanted to have a bottle. Once that decision was made there was no convincing him otherwise. Things are a lot nicer now that we are not battling wills at feeding time even though I would much prefer him to nurse. I do feel good about the effort I made to nurse him. The hospital had amazing lactation support and I feel like this time around I did everything I could and that there was nothing more I could have done.
  • Good news: My c-section pain was very quick to leave. I only had to use two of the nice happy pills that my OB prescribed. Bad news: over the weekend I developed a pinched nerve in my neck which had transformed into the worst headaches of my life. The happy pills have been rather helpful for this when used with heat therapy. I am hoping that soon I will be able to actually function with out drugs in my system. I am so glad that this is happening when I have a lot of people around to help out, because otherwise it would be very hard for me to deal.
  • Evan has a blister on his left foot due to his foot brace not being properly put on. I feel bad that I was not able to prevent this, but it was also not really in my control. He will be wearing sandals until it heals, so it is a good thing that the weather is getting very nice.
  • Projects are being done at a fast pace. My husband and his father have been keeping busy doing things like building a compost bin, moving our shed so that it does not flood when it rains too much and finishing the bookcase that we moved with us in pieces. I am thrilled about the bookcase because that means I will finally (after almost a year!!!!!!) get to unpack my books and not have a pile of boxes sitting in my living room for guests to look at.
  • I am starting to get a touch of cabin fever and wanting to get out more. If my headaches behave and leave like I want them to I may actually get to go out on a date with my husband so that we can see the new Star Trek movie which I am rather excited to see.


Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Sympathy on the headache, and I hope you get out to your date movie! Congrats on the projects getting done! That is always a nice feeling. Daniel is a cutie. Sympathy on the lactation but glad to hear that a feeding regime is getting settled on. Thank you for keeping us all updated.


chelle said...

Ooo we want to see the Star Trek movie too!

Way to make the effort on the nursing.

w00t for getting projects done!

Gabriela said...

Sorry about the headaches-that sounds awful. I'm glad your little guy is eating-that's the important thing. :)

Heather said...

I certainly feel for you on the nursing struggle. I beat myself up about it with my first. You sound much smarter about it than I was.

I'm impressed you are going to get out already. It took me 6 months after D was born!

Damselfly said...

Too bad Daniel won't nurse. It definitely happens with some babies. You gave it a good try.

The happy pills sound pretty great! ;)

Anonymous said...

im spying on you

Amber said...

Sigh. My many trials and travails of nursing. Neither of my kids every latched. Huge pain!

But hurray on getting projects done during this busy time.