Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So any way

Life is chugging along. I had my second to last pre baby OB appointment (eek!) yesterday. I actually weigh a pound less than what I did when I first came in. The Ob is not worried since I do have the diabetes thing going on and I was rather pudgy before going into this pregnancy. It is rather obvious that the baby is growing nicely.

I have officially given up on potty training Harry for now. He pushed the issue to train and he did potty train for a brief week or so but now has decided that it is not on his agenda any more and it is not like I can force this on him, he has to want to do it. The straw that broke the camel's back was Sunday and Monday. Sunday he pooped his pants moments after getting dressed for church. Part of our getting dressed routine is having the kids go to the bathroom before they get dressed for the day so there was no excuse. Then he had another accident as soon as we got home from church even though I had just asked him if he needed to go. Finally after going through two pairs of pants I left him half nekkid and he ended up pooping on the floor (argh!!!!!).

Monday he peed his pants at the OB's office and had to do the entire appointment wet since all my extra stuff was in the car. Moments after getting home and me asking if he needed to go he went in his pants again. I just do not have the the mental energy to keep this up any more and to top it off our washing machine is out of comission for the time being. I put him in a diaper and he did not ask to go potty all afternoon. I am just so frustrated since I know he knows how to manage his elimination when he wants to and he is the one that initiated the whole process in the first place. Sigh.

Just so this blog is not all whining and complaining I present you with some pictures of my cute kids.

Harry at one of the easter egg hunts we went to. He spent more time picking up the fake grass that some kid dumped out of thier basket than actually looking for eggs. I don't have any of Evan because he took off in a totally different direction.

A lot of grass and no eggs in that bucket, but lucking mom found him an egg before they all got snatched up. One of the bigger kids gave harry some of his eggs (with some prompting from his mother) when he saw that Harry did not have very many.

Harry: "Let me go!" Evan: "I love you too Harry" (For some reason this is what Evan says instead of a plain I Love You.)

I got the kids some spill resistant bubble tumblers after seeing them in action at Evan's Occupational Therapy. The boys adore being able to blow thier own bubbles and I like not being forced to almost pass out to satiate thier fascination with bubbles.

"Look Mom!"

I love seeing the boys actually play for longer than five seconds with out fighting.

Yes, I am running THAT low on laundry. Lol!!! Actually this is something that Evan decided to try on his own. Awhile back I jokingly put him in that laundry bag and he thought it was the funniest thing in the whole world. Now I have to try nad keep him out of the bad so I can actually put laundry in it. My husband helped him with the strings on the arm to keep the bag up.

"Hop, hop, hop"


chelle said...

wow! Not long till the baby is here!!! How exciting!

ugh on the potty training you so have to do it when they are ready :)

Crunchyconmommy said...

Very cute pictures! I know what you mean about the happiness that comes from the kids playing for more than a moment without fighting!

I know where you're at with the potty training. I just made an executive decision with Grace not to even try until after Sam was born and our routines were a little more in place. Too many changes at once!!

Just in case I don't get the chance to call you later today, David is going to be in Kansas City late tonight, and my in-laws are out of town, so I won't be able to go to the baby shower. I hope it's tons of fun!

Heather said...

I totally understand on the potty training. My son was the same way. Very frustrating. But he did eventually do it, so there is hope!

You get a baby shower for your third baby? Wow! How lucky are you? Nothing like that for me! :)

Elizabeth-W said...

He'll figure it out. Just about every person on the planet does.
I was mean...I was known to let some little person sit around in her poopiness for a bit. Messier for clean up time, but annoying to her. The potty was much more tidy/comfy.

Midlife Midwife said...

I just put my kids back into diapers when they lost interest...and guess what? They were all potty trained long before they got married. :-)

Damselfly said...

I love the brother hug/headlock picture!

It's so unfair that you have a broken washing machine *and* a child who is struggling with potty training. Hugs....

Life's a Stitch said...

Motherhood takes so much energy, doesn't it? I liked the advice I was given way back when - don't worry he won't be pooping in his pants as he's walking down the aisle. And if he is, I guess that's someone else's problem :)