Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The name game

My husband and I are having a hard time agreeing on a name. It seems like what he likes I hate and what he hates I like. We have managed to come up with a list that we can't narrow down so I thought I would put it out there for you all to look over and add your input.

  • Urlington Darkrin
  • Huntquail Watcat
  • LeCreed Leonimandas
  • Dexman Cobartt

Please be kind, it has taken us months to come up with these names and it has been a very tough decision.


chelle said...

Lol April Fools :P (I hope)

Vicky said...

I like Dexman Cobartt but I think you are spelling it wrong. Surely it should be Deksmann KobbarrT? You need to keep to the correct spellings if you are going to go for such traditional names.

ekgheiy said...

Can we mix and match? :) I like Urlington Huntquail, or Urlington Leonimandas.

Crunchyconmommy said...

How about Heesa Broken?

Heather said...

Tee hee!

GoofyJ said...

I like the previous suggestion of Heesa Broken - :-D For some really great name suggestions you should check out The Utah Baby Namer

There are two sections you HAVE to read - first the baby naming instructions (highly commical)"What's in a name" and "The best of list- the cream of the crop" - highly entertaining as well - if not a little sad that these are all REAL names.

Elizabeth-W said...

Too cute!

Zephra said...

LMAO. You should have seen how wide my eyes got at those.

Anonymous said...

Like the idea of mix and match. What about Dexman Huntquail?
Our oldest son came 6 weeks early and Mike and I hadn't settled on a name yet. Mike's Mom decided to start calling him by the name of a great grandfather, and I didn't like the name. Took Mike aside and told him we must pick a name soon or this name was going to stick. And felt (being the one who actually went through the pregnancy) that it should be a name I liked. So we did. And people (then) thought Justin was a strange name except my grandfather (in his 90's) who said it was the name of his best friend when he was a boy and he was pleased, and everyone else got used to it. That's the way it goes.

Gina said...

Those were hilarious!

Aunt Kathy said...


Midlife Midwife said...

umm, until you decide just call the baby Jen Eric

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

What? No Mahar-Shalal-Hash-Baz? Have something against biblical names! Of course he was a she, then we'd recommend La-a (said "La-dash-a," cause the dash don't be silent!). ;)

Though, I really want to know what Justin was almost named. Or is that suppressed information to avoid family feuds?

I'm glad the first comment pointed out the date. I almost wrote a note trying to politely say I sort of didn't really like any of the names. ;)

Ginger said...

holy crow! wful

Guinevere Meadow said...

When I was preggo with Kiddo, the people in our bible study group took turns picking a "name of the week" for him. Here are some of their choices:

Ivan Douglas
Sebastian Douglas
Zeke Douglas

We had a Doug in the group who insisted that the baby's middle name be "Douglas."

And my favorite, Rico Napoleon.

You're welcome to have any of those, if you like.