Sunday, April 26, 2009

(late) Sunday Cuteness

The boys dancing around our defunct yard light.

Harry modeling my newly finished mittens. I managed to finish them in time for the weather to get nice and hot rendering them useless until next winter.

This is a very blurry picture of Black Fish and White Fish our newest fish in our tank. The danios we had in there died (probably because I was horrid about remembering to feed them but I have reformed, honest!) so I thought some pretty goldfish would look nice in the tank. Evan likes the black one the best "because it is cute". Harry likes them both equally and they both love watching the tank and squealing over the fish.


Zephra said...

Well the mittens are perfect for holding a cold glass of ice tea.

chelle said...

Fish are always so fascinating to kids!

The kids are totally cute! Love the mittens! It never hurts to be prepared. I am going to start knitting mittens in July :)

Heather said...

Hey, at least you finished the mittens. I have several sewing projects that I have not finished!

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Very cute! And I like the fish too. We bought a bag of cheap gold fish and let them loose in our pond. It's a long narrow pond with a lot of leaf litter (and pond scum/algea bloom) to hide in, so I don't know that we'll see them again. I was hoping that we'd start a breading population but not sure they'll survive the winter. I just hope that they can deal with the oxygen level.

In case I don't hear from you till after your little one arrives, take care and hope the C-section goes well!


Tammy said...

Okay. I'm in love. Too bad you don't live closer, I could take those cuties off your hands when the new baby comes.

Tammy and Parker