Thursday, October 30, 2008


Evan had his first visit with a Neurologist in years. His primary car doctor wanted one so I went along with it even though I did not really thing that it would be helpful.

The doctor made us wait a long time but he did spend a lot of time with us when it was our turn. In the end he did not really have anything to add that I was not already aware of. He was a lot more realistic about Evan's long term prognosis than the Neurologist was that initially saw Evan after the stroke. The first neurologist said that with in a year all signs of stroke would be gone. The new one was clear that there would be likely some effect for the rest of his life. We have to watch out for learning issues which is something that is pretty common for any kid that has gone through as much as Evan has. There is a mild vision deficit on his left side so when he goes to school he should sit in the center of the class room or to the right of the teacher so that he does not loose interest in what is going on because he is not seeing everything that is going on. Sometimes kids with left hemiparesis have troubles with interpersonal relationships but Evan seems to be very adept at flirting his way into getting what he wants, so I am not too worried about that.

I think the best part was that the neurologist did not really see a reason to keep following up with Evan unless something new popped up. There is not much that he could really do since Evan has been neurotically stable for some time now. That is one less specialist on our rather long list.

As far as doctor's appointments for me go, I have officially come down with a bad case of pregnancy brain. My sister is in town for a visit and that threw me so off kilter that I spaced my womanly parts exam (not that I was really all that eager in the first place). I was so mad and frustrated but managed to reschedule it. I am a bit annoyed with the lack of ease in scheduling appointments with this practice. My previous OB seemed a lot more flexible in that regards.


Heather said...

Good news about Evan.

It was hard for me to schedule my OB appointments this last time too. The more kids, the busier we are I suppose.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Glad things went well with Neuro. I think giving the real picture is more helpful than having a doc wear rose-colored-glasses. :)
Glad that he spent lots of time with you after making you wait. Don't like the ones that make you wait long and then shuffle you through quickly.

Elizabeth-W said...

Sounds like it was pretty good over all.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I need to go back and find all your posts about your son. I had no idea. I'm sure that doing double duty in the doc's office+ (for Evan and yourself) can be tough. You deserve to miss an appointment or two.

Lisa said...

Good to hear things went well with neuro dr. Having to deal with one less doctor (and less appointments) is always a good thing!

chelle said...

Totally nice that the doctor was good concerning Evan.

ugh I think we all have spaced form time to time pregnant or not!