Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ahh that's better

This weekend is Conference weekend. Every six months we get a chance to hear from the General Authorities, The 12 Apostles and from the First Presidency. There are tons of timely messages and I always end up feeling refreshed.

One of the most exciting things about this weekend was that a temple was announced in my area. I am so excited!!! I hope that we get to stick around long enough to see it being built. I would love to take the boys to the open house and for my husband and I to attend the dedication. Some of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was watching the Portland Temple being built. One of my uncles lived only a few blocks from the building site. Even though we were not super fond of my uncle we would frequently visit him so we could take a look at how things were progressing. I was thrilled that I was just barely old enough to attend the dedication. There are many good memories and feelings that I would love to share with my kids.


Gabriela said...

That's so cool!

I was happily surprised about the Rome temple-since my dad's family is from there.

Leslie said...

I was lucky enough to live near a temple being built a couple of years ago. We moved before the dedication, but it was so wonderful to watch it take shape, be there for the ground breaking, see the Angel Moroni being placed at the top, etc. Hooray for conference and new temples!

Ginger said...

love conference!!! just love it. if only i could watch it that is why i look forward to bedtime so i can fully embrace it lol we love listening to the music too

Tirzah said...

Yay! I loved it when one was built in Orlando area. We had to drive to Atlanta before that (and the trips were a lot of fun), so it was nice to be so close. Now, I live in Utah, and it is a shame that we don't go very often. I need to work on that!

Dr. Cason said...


That sounds so neat. I would love to take long walks with the kids and watch it being erected!