Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Why me?

One thing that I am finding that I really do not like about my new home is all the mosquitoes. If I want to do anything (and I mean anything, because the second I step outside in the cool parts of the day I am swarmed) in my garden I have to get the repellent out and coat myself in it. My poor legs seem especially tasty and are dotted in itchy bites. I woke myself up scratching last night and I am sure I will again tonight until the bites are healed. The crazy thing is that the boys do not even have a nibble on them and my husband only got one or two bites. I guess that I am mosquito prime rib. Here's to smelling like bug spray all summer!


Laura said...

sending some virtual citronella your way as a housewarming gift.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Perfect. Try this....

Take a dryer sheet and put it in your pocket. And see if that keeps them away.

My dad told me he read it does, but I haven't had the chance to test the theory.

It'd be really cool if it works so you didn't have to douse yourself in chemicals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, mosquitoes can be selective---you must have very tasty blood!
Years ago when we lived in a mosquito infested area, found that they were at their peak at certain times in the Spring and Summer. Other times, weren't so terrible.

Guinevere Meadow said...

Mosquitos love me too.

My husband tells me it's because I'm so sweet.

While it's nice of him to say so, it doesn't help the itching...

Tama said...

I just got an e-mail that said that if you tie a "Bounce" dryer sheet onto your belt loop (or whatever you have on) that the bugs will stay away. Try it and let me know--I am skeptical. My daughter is allergic to mosquitoes and gets sick when she gets bit so I am always on the lookout for a better bug repellent!

The Estrogen Files said...

Citronella perfume, here you come!!

I hope the bites abate soon. I hate 'squitos.

Dr. Cason said...

Oh don't even get me started!

We had them in Northern California but at least when the whether changed we got a break.

Then we were spoiled in San Diego- Do you know there are NO mosquitoes?

Well it's payback. They are everywhere here in Guam- At least up in the hills where I live. But they never leave. 24/7 12 months a year.

As a pediatrician people keep asking me if they have Dengue Fever (they are transmitted by the mosquito) Um, I don't think so is my usual reply.

chelle said...

We use the "Family Buzz Patch" by cer'8

It is a natural non-spray and has a good reach (if you are the one getting bitten you should have the patch on). Works great!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they are all mosquito bites? If some are chigger bites (swell up bigger, last longer, never remember getting bit there) then you might be getting selected because you move around in an area where the kids/husband don't (ie, if they don't garden). If you can locate the infested spot chiggers are sometimes amendable to localized pesticides. I've not done this as my 'yard' is much to large to deal with.

See you soon!

Elizabeth-W said...

I feel for you!
Once my husband, parents, two kids and I all rented a beach house. It was infested with fleas...but I was the only one that got bit. I had over 200 bites, and no one else had one. They saw the fleas on me so they knew I wasn't making it up.
We have sweet blood, you and I.

Jaelithe said...

They are especially bad in the Midwest this year because of heavy rains and flooding.

Hopefully next year you won't see QUITE as many.

There's a company called Herbaria based here in STL that makes a spray out of natural plant oils, many of which have actually been proven to repel insects and are recommended by the CDC. I've tried the spray and it does work, though not as well as a DEET spray if you're really in a swarm. I use it when I'm going out in the daytime; in the evening it's the DEET stuff or nothing. You can order the spray off the internet if you're interested in trying it, so as to smell slightly less like bug spray. (It smells like heavily scented herbal soap.)