Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Vicky wanted me to take a ton of pictures of our trip from Utah to Kansas and I am always happy to oblige. These are all taken at rest stops along the way. We drove both of our cars so I didn't have much of as chance to take pictures as I would have liked. Enjoy!

This is was our first stop. We are still in Utah going over the mountains into Wyoming. It was pretty chilly and windy. Evan was worried that he was going to fall and Harry was trying to look at all the many cars passing by.

I loved the contrast of the green plants with the reddish cliffs.

Thanks to a very cold and wet spring the grass was still green.

"Are we there yet?"

Mmmm... tasty thumb


I ended up not having any pictures of Wyoming, we only stopped for gas there and grabbed some lunch. The wind was relentless and bitterly cold. I got an amazingly slow gas pump and it seemed like I had to be out in the cold for hours while my tank filled. The sky there was amazing and huge. I have spent the vast majority of my life near mountains, so the flatness that was around me was almost scary.

Here is my husband trying to figure out where the heck we were. I was the lead driver and had neglected to sufficiently study the route of this leg of the journey. My walkie talkie was out of commission at the time so I could not ask my husband about the route so when I saw our destination mentioned I took the exit. It was a scenic and very beautiful drive and we did get to our hotel with out too much fuss.

My two very cold boys posing on the rocks to humor mommy.

The hotel that we stayed at was right off the freeway. The boys had a blast looking at all the cars and trucks that passed by.

Harry the pig boy

The inevitable shoving match that occurs any time they are having too much fun.


There were a ton of great places to take pictures along the way in Kansas (including a super neat wind turbine farm). However I was so fried from driving that I just wanted to get there already and pictures were very much lacking.

The boys in front of a wheat field. I felt like such a goof walking all the way over to the field, I have seen plenty of wheat fields in my time but I felt it was fitting that their first picture in Kansas be agriculturally themed.

Harry was such a goof and kept trying to get in front of Evan when I was taking pictures.


chelle said...

awww such sweet photos. Road trips are way fun to look back on ... hehe

Damselfly said...

How clever of you to think to photograph your road trip. The boys will think so too when they are older.

Elizabeth-W said...

Great pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos! We've had cold winds lately in the afternoons----they chill your bones.

you da mom! said...

oh! these pictures make me so excited for our upcoming road trip! yay!

Tama said...

Great pictures! Thank you for sharing the trip with us. Your boys are so cute as always!

Amber said...

Where are my mountains? My rolling hills? What kind of TERRIBLE representation of Colorado do you have????!!!

Guinevere Meadow said...

Such gorgeous countryside!

Palm trees are well and good, but I am ACHING to see some mountains or other interesting geologic formations. Or how about a coastline that hasn't been spoiled by condos? That would be nice, too...