Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Cuteness

Evan is a funny child that will often burst out with random sayings that have nothing to do with the topic of conversation. His latest gem is "Don't eat black spiders!" That is very wise advice for anyone. I would suggest that we should avoid the eating of any color of spider, but if you are feeling adventurous stick with the non black ones.

Here is a starving Harry eagerly watching his dinner baking in the oven.

Proof that he was not adopted. My husband's family is enamored of olives and whenever they are bought out at a family gathering they are inhaled super fast. Harry loves olives!

Here is a picture of the cheeky bunny that visits our yard on a regular basis. I think it loves all the clover we have in our yard because that is where it seems to mostly eat from.


Nell said...

For a second, I thought Harry was holding a black spider. I thought, OH NO!!!! Don't do it!!!

Mean Mommy said...

Of course, the only proper way to eat olives is to put them on your fingers first. It's tough getting grown have to put them just on your pinky fingers or they break.

nancypantsy said...

In addition to not eating black spiders, do not eat mommy spider, baby spider, good Boris or even Bad Boris! (Eating bad Boris will guarantee you indegestion)

Guinevere Meadow said...

Very wise advice, indeed.

What a sweet bunny!

I found a dead snake in my yard...ick.

Vicky said...

Excellent advice, Evan.... And cute bunny, too. Don't eat him, either!

I see you have a nice kitchen, peering round Harry to get a good nose at your new house!

Once you have unpacked could we have some interior pics??! Yes, I'm nosey but I do like to see where other people live and what style, as it's usually so different from my house.

Damselfly said...

Aw, I want a bunny in my yard!

For some reason, his advice reminds me of a Sandra Boynton book we have that's labeled "For all ages, except 43."