Thursday, June 26, 2008

Call me

I have a sneaking suspicion that AT&T has sold our number to some telemarketers. *grr* We have been receiving telemarketing calls almost from the moment that our number was connected. My husband and I have not been giving our number out freely since we have not yet managed to memorize it. We have to keep looking it up on my cell phone when we want to give it out to someone.

I also have the feeling that the number is cursed (aka they did not wait long enough before reissuing it). During the first few days we kept getting calls for another person, the same person every time. This has happened to us before and it was a pain in the bum. When we lived in San Diego we kept getting some guy from prison trying to get us to accept a collect call. He thought he was calling his girlfriend but I am pretty sure that she was not all that thrilled about him being in jail since she changed her number and didn't tell him. I was not about to accept a collect call just to apprise him of that fact so whenever that number showed up on the caller ID we let it go to our answering machine. It was a relief to move since the guy was pretty dense and never figured out that he was dumped and she wanted no further contact from him.

Another factor in the cursing is that we have also received an unusual number of wrong number calls. Just today I fielded a call from a guy that wanted to know if we stocked tapes for micro recorders. Sadly we did not have any in stock. I will have to remember to get some next time we are ordering.


chelle said...

Sigh up for the do not call list. My husband did that for us in CA and the phone NEVEr rang! I totally wish we had something like that in Canada.

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

When we moved here the phone company did the same thing. They didn't wait long enough to recycle the number. So we kept getting calls from people wanting to know if we had rabbit cages, guinea pig food, and other assorted pet store types of things.
It got so annoying that we ended up having our number changed.

Guinevere Meadow said...

We have decided to dispense with land lines altogether and only use our cell phones.

It's made a big difference!

Elizabeth-W said...

You know about that 800 number you can call to get yourself on the 'do not call' list?
Now see, I'm mean. I'd accept that call and tell him all kinds of crazy stories...but then again, I'm going to he-- ;)

Anne/kq said...

I still get calls for "Rebecca" three years after getting our phone number. Annoying. I do love the DNC list, but what I want to know is, how do I stop getting junk texts on my cell?