Monday, June 30, 2008

boo hoo?

Today is my husband's last day of vacation. He took an obscene amount of time off for the move because he had the vacation time and needed to use it up or it would expire. It has been great to have him around but it has also made me rather lazy in getting a routine going at our new house. It will be good I think to get back to whatever normal is.

The sellers of the house have basically ignored our request that they help fix the water damage that happened when they owned the house. After much discussion we decided not to pursue them (although I am seriously tempted to find their new address and toilet paper their yard). Thanks to our aggressive use of a dehumidifier the paneling has dewarped, un warped whatever you call it. My husband pulled one of the panels off where the water cam in the most and did not see any mold. We are toying with replacing the carpet with a berber (which would have the added benefit of not producing the carpet fuss that Evan so dearly loves) and the cost of that would be more than the actual cost of replacing the cheap carpet that was put in. It is just not worth the time and effort to get them to do the right thing.

We have had several storms, none as bad as the one that caused our basement to leak but so far (knock on wood) the dirt work seems to have kept any flooding at bay. It just puzzles me that they could spend the money to replace the carpet and paint the interiors of the house and update the light fixtures but they could not spend a couple hundred dollars to put some compacted dirt around the house. Some people just have no house sense, but then that worked to our advantage because we got the house a lot cheaper than it probably could have sold for had the seller done more of the right sorts of projects.


Amber said...

Yeah, kind of boo hoo but more a pain than anything. I would be boo hooing more about it being his last day!

Vicky said...

I'm sorry I haven't been commenting - too busy and too sick, and now I'm onto my second cold in three weeks. Gah!

Your new house is lovely - I like its lines, and it looks like you have a nice big bit of land for the boys to play on.

Is it bigger than your previous house inside, or about the same!

Good luck on getting into a routine, and making it YOUR home.