Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Little Drummer Boy

We just got home from the marathon ward Christmas party. I am exhausted from wrangling kids all evening and super full from all the food that was there. Evan did about what I expected for his preforming debut. He was last onto the stage because he did not follow the other kids, he was too busy in his own little world to pay attention. Then he spent the rest of the time looking around at all the lights rather than playing the drum. He had to be drug off the stage. He was very interested in the garland that was decorating the stage and would have been there all evening looking at it. Santa called up all the families with little kids in them first so we did not have to wait forever for the boys to get their presents (Matchbox cars that we had bought for them).

Evan jamming away during the practice session.

Evan lost in his own little world during the performance.

The classic two-year-old crying while sitting on Santa's lap picture. Harry was soo tired and ready for bed. Evan was just trying to figure out who this odd person was.


chelle said...

awww sweet pictures. I do not think my daughter could perform on stage, she would totally freeze and Santa totally makes her all tongue tied!

Elizabeth-W said...

Love crying children with Santa. Why do we find it cute, anyway???? Maybe because in a year or two they can't wait to talk to the big guy.

Daphne said...

great pics!!!

Gina said...

For being so young, he did great! It's hard for them to concentrate for that long!