Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas round up

We had a very nice Christmas. My parents arrived Christmas Eve afternoon loaded up with a lot of presents. Evan had a very hard time sleeping because of the excitement (and sugar). He woke up at 10pm and started asking if it was time for breakfast yet.

The boys received more toys than they really needed but also got a ton of books as well. The top two gifts were a giant cement mixer (Evan's current obsession) and a huge firetruck. The award for the Creepiest Yet Strangely Hilarious toy goes to Tickle Me Elmo. My parents bought the newer version which writhes on the floor like a toy that has been possessed by an evil demon. I am not sure if I should sprinkle it with holy water or not. The boys also got a ton of Play Dough, something that I had not really wanted to ever purchase. I know the boys will have fun with it despite my own misgivings.

The top three toys this Christmas. Poor Elmo gets carried around by his eyes and the cement truck has tape on it so that Evan can't put things that can't be removed into the "tummy" of the cement mixer. He almost lost a Matchbox car in there and was ready to add some small farm animals before we stopped him.

Elmo the Possessed writhing on the floor.

Harry is very busy deciding which book to get his grandparents to read to him.

My husband seemed to enjoy the presents he got. For some reason he does not want to wear the hat that I knit for him. I can't understand why.

The Brainmonster. It turned out too small for my husband (I had the feeling that it might). The boys love having me chase them around the house with it as it try to eat their heads.

I had a really nice knitting Christmas. I got some nice yarn, a really neat knitting bag sewn by my sister L and some lovely lavender soaps among other things. I also finished my second sock. I cast on late Sunday night and finished around 2:00 this morning ( I am a night owl). I must say that I am really feeling the wool sock love right now. One of my biggest annoyances with socks is the damp feeling you have after you have been wearing shoes and then you take your shoes off. The properties of wool prevents that from happening.

This is Sari Silk yarn. It is made from bits of snipped ends leftover from the weaving of silk for Saris. Women in Nepal spin it so they can earn extra money for their families. It is such beautiful and unique yarn. I am not sure what I am going to make with it. I am thinking maybe a bag or a scarf.

This is a nice soft Alpaca/acrylic bulky weight yarn. I am thinking that this will become a hat or two (depending who I make the hats for).

This will become a pair of longies and maybe some socks too.

A cunning knitting bag. This is the outside. It is a very cheery blue and yellow.

Here is a closeup of the inside. There are slots for knitting needles to keep them together and off the bottom of the bag.

My toasty warm feet. I am not much of a sock person, but I think that I may be wearing more hand knit wool socks.


Steph said...

Glad that you had a nice holiday. We have last year's Elmo, and I imagine that it behaves similarly. Ours also gets carried by the eyes :)

Nanette said...

That is a good idea about taping up the cement truck so little toys can't get stuck--I've got a few things around here that I need to steal that idea for.

Sounds like you had a great holiday. :)

The Laundress said...

Merry Christmas Awesome,

That cement mixer looks like a grand addition to the family, bet they will play with it for ages. My guy still plays with a big firetruck much like the one you pictured and he is going on ten. He would have welcomed that cement mixer even this Christmas. Boys!

Love the Brain Monster hat and those brilliant, cozy socks too. Sounds like you had a mighty fine Christmas! Wishing you all a very happy New Year!

Vicky said...

It looks like you all had a good Christmas! I LOVE the Brainmonster!! The best hat I have EVER seen. Your husband is mean not to wear it!

Merry Christmas and Happy new year! (I'm writing New Year cards here now, the next big job...)

Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Lovin' the socks. Wool tends to make me itchy though. Do the socks not make you itchy?

chichimama said...

Oooh! Nice stash!!!

Glad you had a Merry Christmas!

Magpie said...

Nice socks!

Play dough is best used at other people's houses. Or in the cellar. Or outside.

Elizabeth-W said...

Love the Sari Yarn!!!!
I am a firm believer in Magpie's rules re: playdough.

chelle said...

yay for a fantastic Christmas! Grandparents are suppose to spoil the children :)

HAHAH I (heart) that hat.

That girl said...

It sure looks like you had a great Christmas!!

How fun.

Happy New year to you as well!


Guinevere Meadow said...

We have a possessed Elmo, too. Only I picked it up voluntarily.

Don't know what I was thinking!