Saturday, July 14, 2007

Everybody loves a parade

Every year a neighboring town has a parade to help celebrate the town's founding. Instead of the usual parade they made it into a kid's parade. Every other year we have been here we have not gone for one reason or another, but this year we were finally able to bring Evan and Harry to their first parade.

I love small town parades and this one was the perfect small town parade. The route was short, the crowds were not overwhelming and the parade was fun. We parked pretty far away but were able to snag a great spot in the shade at the end of the parade route. That was especially lucky because by then most of the candy throwing people were out of candy. The boys got just enough that it was fun for them but it was not too much for mommy and daddy to carry home. One boy even gave Harry some beads that he has missed out on getting because of his small size and slower little legs.

There was also booths and several bounce houses in the park. Evan and Harry got a huge kick out of mauling the very friendly and tolerant police dog. The local animal shelter had a game where you were supposed to toss dog treats in to the mouth of a picture of a dog to get a treat. Evan went right up to the picture of the dog and put them in, instead of standing back and tossing them in like all the other kids. I didn't let Harry do it because I knew he would try eat the dog treats rather than tossing them.

We finished off the fun day by eating lunch at a fish and chips place that I had been wanting to try for some time now. It was heaven and everyone enjoyed the deep fried food. It was fun and refreshing to do something different than the normal cleaning up the house on Saturday routine. It was also fun to explore the town some. I hope you had a fun Saturday.


Tracy said...

Sounds like a fun day! I also love small town parades. We live in a small town, so we try to attend the annual ones around here. I laughed when you wrote how Harry would have tried to eat the dog treats. So cute :).

I love fish & chips :P. MmMmMm.

Jenifer said...

He He, funny that you and I both wrote about parades Saturday! I also love small town parades, have marched in many myself!! My husband being a volunteer firefighter in our town is usually always a part of the local parades now..... I think our only one is Memorial Day though....

Hopefully if the school band was in it they were wearing a uniform... (see my post for rant about this!)

Emily said...

There's nothing like a small town parade, is there??