Thursday, July 19, 2007

A bad mommy moment

The poor invalid in his chariot with blackberries smeared on his mouth. The red on his nose is from the fall.

Harry had a rough day today. He fell on his face while outside with Evan. Then after he got up from his nap his awful mother put his sandals on in such a way that his pinky toe was bent almost side ways. She then made him walk part way to the park with his brother, all the while in pain.

I feel so bad about that whole incident. I thought that he was just being his often difficult self. Afternoons are often difficult for Harry. I had promised Evan a trip to the park and he had been talking about it all afternoon so I was not going to let a cranky toddler ruin it when I figured he would eventually cheer up. He did eventually cheer up after some Tylenol and blackberries.

Oh and apparently this blog is considered a spam blog and I have to enter word verification until it is decided that I am an actual human. Sigh.

"I forgive you mommy, but only if you do what ever I want you to for the rest of my life"


you da mom! said...

why are the pictures of our children hurt/crying/in pain the cutest ever? ;) actually, he looks pretty happy, so it must not have been such a bad day, after all.

Karen said...

I've got an entire wall dedicated to my bad mommy awards. Right now, it's only 1/2 full, so I still have room for many more! I'm sure there will be more!

Very cute pictures of Harry! And I think you nailed the caption on the last one!

chelle said...

awww it happens. We all have those moments where we are not really tuned in, because we are focused on something else (aka Evan). Hugs!

fancypantsnancy said...

and you cut those beautiful curls off again. You are a bad mommy.

the*4*of*us said...

you bad, bad mommy!
we miss you feb babies--give us a post!!!

nicki said...

cute pictures. if it's any consolation, i have made my daughter walk with one of her toes bent under her foot stuffed in a shoe. okay, i didn't think so :^(

in any case, he has you right where he wants you with that sweet face!

PJ said...

Maybe not "bad" just a "normal" mommy! :) I've been there, it makes a mom feel awful!