Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The little things

Sometimes life gets you down (like when the weather is insanely cold and more snow is predicted) and then life throws you a little something that makes you squee. I threw this in my list of patterns that someday I wanted to knit only to find out that it was taken down due to issues with the BBC (note to self: print patterns that you are going to knit when you decide to put them in your list instead of waiting). Then through a serendipitous event I saw that it was back up and ready for me to print out so that I can make some of them as gifts for a certain Dr Who fan in my family who has a birthday coming up. Now I just hope that I can get my fanny in gear and get it done in time.


Arkansas Bartholomews said...

hope knitting goes well!


Anonymous said...

How lucky! And it's a good time for knitting.
Perhaps you can post a photo when the items are finished?

chelle said...

yes you must get the patterns when you can :)

maw said...

i really like your new blog wallpaper