Thursday, January 14, 2010

It is melting!

We have been having some really warm weather the last few days and as a result the snow is rapidly vanishing. I am giddy!

If I believed in a hell where people are stuck in situations that are personally tailored to be especially awful to them then I just got a taste of hell. I left my house at oneish and did not arrive home until after 6 all for one doctor's appointment for Evan. I got to shove Harry and Daniel in the car and them haul them both back to get Evan from school and then we had to drive an hour in drizzle that was compounded with nasty dirty melted snow being splashed up onto my windshield.

The part that was especially hellish was the wait in the small exam room that was filled with quite a few things that should not be touched. The kids had to quiz me multiple times on what each item was and also had to attempt to play with said items more than once. Daniel even squiggled and squirmed from the middle of the room to the chairs so that he could chew on the legs. That kid is determined let me tell you. I also ended up having to feed him in a chair with no arms to speak of which kills my back.

When the doctor comes in it is not THE doctor but a Fellow who is merely working for THE doctor. This confused the heck out of Evan who despite his extensive time with doctors is not aware of the different ranks of doctors (slacker!). He wants to go home after doing his dog and pony show for her and is cranky he has to wait for THE doctor to come.

More climbing and touching ensues. Mom starts to develop an eye twitch and Daniel gets cranky because he is tired so mom has to pace the room to help sooth him. I eventually caved and let the kids walk around in the halls a bit and pester the nurses because if I had not bad things would have happened.

At the end of all this I am told that Evan had pretty darn good range of motion for a hemi kid, we should consider getting him into water therapy this summer, when he gets a bit older we should think about getting his cognative abilities tested so that we can figure out if there are any types of deficits that we should be aware of that could hinder his education and that a hinged AFO is something that will be useful for him. Luckily with the hinged AFO thing we recently got him a new one and they still have the molds for it so we don't have to go back and get it redone. We just have to come when the new one is in.

Evan's report card and IEP progress report came this week and he is doing awesome! Some of his year long IEP goals have already been met. In the classroom he had continued to improve and I have noticed a big difference in a lot of things when I am working with him on homework.


Ginger said...

love the water it is amazing!! are you going to do it? (the water therapy)

Awesome Mom said...

Probably not this summer since we will be moving but for sure next summer if we can find somewhere to do it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the long wait at the doctor's office. It's nerve-racking enough when you're there on your own. But being there with 2 young children and a baby adds a whole new dimension to the concept of "hellish"!
Hope you treated yourself later at home---perhaps some chocolate or a bubble bath. Glad that Evan is making such good progress.

chelle said...

ugh waiting for doctors is so hard and with three oy!

Glad the prognosis was so positive!

Tama said...

I do not miss the days of doctor visits with "small children in tow"! At least all made it out alive. Glad things are going good for Evan!

GoofyJ said...

Sorry about the tough day - but wonderful about the news on Evan's great progress :-D