Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter pictures

Here are a few random pictures that I have taken recently.

Last night the k-2nd graders put on a musical concert. Evan is wearing his elf hat that he made himself. I had been dreading the thought of going (thanks to the crappy weather) but it turned out ok. The roads were okish and the program was short.

This is how Evan spent the majority of the program. He did stay in one spot and did not make a break for it like one little girl did.

Daniel's going out clothing. He is not normally this happy when he is bundled up like this but it keeps him warm. Note his fang face, he has two side teeth on the top but no middle front teeth.

Evan and Harry warming up after some play time in the snow.

Tuesday it rained for a little bit after the snow so it was actually wet enough to make showmen. Generally Kansas snow is quite dry and will not pack well.

A closeup of Harry's snowman, I love the teeth he put on it.


chelle said...

So jealous of all your snow!!! We want to make snowmen!

Ginger said...

love the pictures!! i have been debating getting a going out outfit for sam maybe one of these days lol

Anonymous said...

Loved the photos. What a cute elf! And Daniel looks toasty warm.
Interesting to see what your yard looks like in winter.
Yesterday started raining and temperatures rose to the 50's. Actually feels balmy! Hope this warm front will sweep inland towards you.

Posh Totty said...

also very jealous of your snow, please send some this way. They keep forecasting it and Lil Man gets very excited, but it never comes. We had a few flakes this morning, but that is literally all it was.