Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas photos for the grandparents

The boys were spoiled this year and we are still expecting a few more packages. I went a bit overboard this year as well, but stuck with simple yet fun things that should last awhile.

This is Harry showing off two gifts. One is the doctor's coat that I got each of the boys. Evan asked specifically for one and I told him that grandma would get him one only I forgot to tell grandma so mommy had to step up. They were both very excited to play doctor and I received a number of shots over the course of the morning.

The second is a gift that my mother in law made sure to tell me was the idea of my father in law. It is an air gun that shoots mini marshmallows. The boys do not know this important fact and run around puffing air at each other.

Doesn't he make a cute doctor?

Evan opening a large tow truck from my parents which he fell in love with instantly. Harry loves bugging Evan by trying to play with it.

Here is a dose of cuteness. Daniel is soo funny and huggable. He had a great time watching everything that went on and playing with the wrapping paper.



Ginger said...

hey we had the same wrapping paper. lol so fun!! i didnt know they had a mini marshmallow gun i better keep that quiet lars will want it lol

Arkansas Bartholomews said...

Daniel has such a sweet smile =)

Anonymous said...

Looks like all 3 boys are having a great time! And Daniel is big enough to join in the fun.
The doctor coats are a neat idea for a gift.

chelle said...

aww looks like a fabulous Christmas!

Gabriela said...

What cute photos-I can't believe how big Daniel is. Looks like you guys had a nice Christmas. :)

Have a great New Year's!

Anonymous said...

Very much a prompt reply :)

Nancy said...

Looks like I will have to bring a bag of marshmallows next time me and Grandpa Moustache visit