Saturday, November 24, 2007

We are back!

We are back and I got a ton of knitting done while I was gone. I was brave and tried knitting while riding in the car and it worked out. I get car sick pretty easily, so I took some medication as a preventative measure. During the long weekend I managed to mostly finish a second pair of longies, so I was a knitting dynamo. The knitting helped keep me occupied so that I could pretend to be listening to my husband's grandmother. She has dementia, so she repeats stories over and over again.

We hit some black Friday sales. I got Harry some really cute shirts to help replace the ones that he has grown out of. The crowds were not too bad since we went later in the morning.

The boys had a lot of fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house. There was lots of running around and getting into things. Evan started crying after we told him that we were not going back to grandma's house, but that we were going home.

We came home with four large boxes of apples and a lot of honey. I am going to be very busy putting those apples up although they will keep a lot longer than the peaches I took home this summer. There was a box of apples between the boys and they both decided to have a snack on the ride home. Harry was not content with just one apple and took nibbles out of three different ones. It was funny watching him eat them.


Gina said...

So glad you all had such fun!

And the pictures below are just too cute!

chelle said...

I adore knitting on the road, but winding mountain roads are totally out for me too!