Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday cuteness

Oy! This week has been filled with a lot of whining. Harry because of his teeth and Evan..... well I am not entirely sure why he has so many dramatic sobbing fits. Apparently it is very sad and horrible when your own beloved mother wants you to pick up the toys that you have scattered all over the living room.

We have also been fighting vermin in the house. No, I am not calling my kids vermin. We have been having issues with mice. One especially cheeky mouse has been spotted multiple times running around from the kitchen to the closet where the furnace is. That is where we think they are sneaking into the house as it has a ventilation shaft that runs outside. We have managed to trap two cheeky little buggers and are hoping that those two are the only ones that have discovered our house.

Ok now for the cuteness. Both boys love to play on my bed. One of their favorite things to do while on the bed is twirl around while I sing Ring Around the Rosies. They take great joy in collapsing onto the bed, although they generally fall long before I singe the falling part of the song.

Our attempts to nerd up Evan are working. Thanks to Netflix we got out hands on the third season of Dr Who. Evan now asks to watch the Police Box movie. Hee hee!


Nancy said...

vermin, huh? Hey, free pets! hehe...

Your boys are cute and sorry they aren't feeling quite up to par. Miss Jess is sickly too and it has not been a particularly good day. Praying for sleep to come easily for her tonight!

By the way, I gave you an award on my blog.

I.A.M.L. said...

Don't you just love kids in your bed? It's just the picture of childhood :-)

Guinevere Meadow said...

lol, "nerd up Evan." What a great phrase!!

Valerie said...

I am so excited I won!! The heart cloths are beautiful, I plan on framing them and hanging them! Thankyou so much. I hope some day you can make the drive to our group. We have one lady who drives from Somerset to attend but I know it is hard with little ones.

Thankyou again!