Monday, November 12, 2007

Sunday cuteness addendum

I forgot this fun little tidbit in the original post.

Evan's physical therapist has been working on getting him to crawl. It s a great way to get him to use his left hand and it is beneficial for his brain wiring too. She used to have to hold his legs so that he could not turn into his butt scoot, but now he is getting what she wants. Even though he gets what she wants he is often a stinker and needs bribing on occasion.

During one session she was having trouble figuring out a way to motivate him to crawl. The usual food offerings were being snubbed but he had been showing some interest in the box that we keep all the small matchbox type cars in. The therapist announced out loud that if the car box was to be opened that crawling was needed. Harry immediately gets on all fours and crawls right to the therapist who is laughing by now. You can tell which one of the boys is th better listener right now.

Harry has been a clingy little boy of late and I have figured out why. His second set of molars is coming in. Now that I know this and am giving him medication for the pain he is much happier and so am I.


Shannon said...

It is so funny what can get kids going...and how rapidly it changes!! The crawling is so AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Yay for crawling - and I agree with Shannon - it really is funny to see what motivates and the changes. :)

Gina said...

So glad his therapist knows how to motivate him!

Ginger said...

would have loved to see that, so trying to get evan to crawl for his motor skills? did he ever crawl or did he just start walking?

Valerie said...

Sweet! I love your Sunday Cuteness posts!


Oh! If you want to post that I am having the Christmas Tree contest on my Blog, I would love it.

Elizabeth-W said...

Whatever works!! :)
My 7 year old is getting another set of molars and her jaw is really sore, too.

Jaelithe said...

Our OT uses matchbox cars for bribery purposes too! She has Isaac lay on his stomach on a ball, using his hands on the floor to keep his balance, and then she puts the cars just out of reach so that he has to walk a bit on his hands while still balancing on the ball to reach them. This is also to improve balance/coordination and arm strength.